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KROOZ, the new ride sharing transportation network is now Hiring Independent drivers and Accepting Ride Request – https://mykrooz.com

KROOZ is a Second-Chance employer and an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer.
As a second–chance employer KROOZ believes your past does not determine your present.

What makes driving for KROOZ better?

• KROOZ is built with the mind of Safety and DRIVERS Profitability.
• KROOZ Drivers earn 85% of fare which is the highest paid in the industry.
• KROOZ pays driver FUEL bonus
• KROOZ pays drivers Vehicle Insurance
• KROOZ pays drivers Vehicle Maintenance
• KROOZ pays drivers empty ride to pickup a rider
• KROOZ pays drivers “NO Show” fee if a customer didn’t show-up at pickup location
• KROOZ drivers has ability to turn-on or off “Wait Time”, and drivers earn while waiting
• KROOZ drivers get 100% of tip received per ride, compared to our competitors who take money away from your wallet.
• KROOZ reimburse drivers toll paid per ride
• KROOZ Drivers can call or text the customer without revealing his phone number.
• KROOZ drivers get to see the customer photos and details before picking them up.
• Customer can book KROOZ ride ahead of time; and KROOZ drivers can see Rides available for pickup in later days on his driver’s dashboard.
• Wait Time (KROOZ drivers earn extra money while waiting)
• KROOZ drivers earn money if customer “Cancel Ride” after dispatched.
• KROOZ pays drivers “NO Show” fee if a customer didn’t show-up at pickup location
• KROOZ has an outstanding driver’s support service.

Download KROOZ Drivers apps on Google Play and APPLE Store today.
Or visit: myKROOZ.Com – https://mykrooz.com


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