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KROOZ, Inc. Boosts Their Ride-Share Service Mobile App with Hot-Shot Delivery and Features to Enhance User Experience

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KROOZ, Inc. serves to be the top provider of the most efficient ride-sharing solution that benefits both drivers and riders. Through their combined dedication and expertise, they provide their customers with ease of booking ride and delivery service using their smartphones. And now, they have even more interesting features to offer for their users.

KROOZ, Inc., a popular and trusted transportation network company recently released the new version of their mobile apps KROOZ 2.0 which powered exciting TNC mobile app features. The company is now offering RIDE and DELIVERY service that can be availed through KROOZ® mobile apps. KROOZ has created the unique and innovative TNC app features to enhance its users’ base experience.

KROOZ ® successfully created mobile app features that are proven outstanding improving both drivers and riders experience on the road. When drivers and customers take advantage of the new service and app features, they can experience the following amazing features:

  • STOP & WAIT: KROOZ® makes sure the drivers get more satisfied with their income and become more confident in their job. This feature enables the drivers to earn more money when asked by the riders to stop and wait for them during the ride.
  • TAG: KROOZ® is dedicated to delivering their riders with the unique, most convenient and rider-friendly feature ‘TAG’. Now, riders or customers can choose their favorite driver, TAG them, and the service request will be sent to the Tagged Drivers first when they use the App next time.
  • SOS: Safety is one of the primary concerns of KROOZ® that is why they have come up with the SOS feature where a panic button can be pushed by the driver or the rider and the APP will call the Emergency 911 service in the area during the ride when needed.
  • Meter Style Driver Rating: KROOZ® sees to it that their riders or customers can participate in improving their services. The meter Style Driver Rating feature that can be move with fingertip enables the riders to rate and review the services provided by the drivers.
  • Friends and Family Follow: KROOZ® made an innovation by adding an extra layer of security for the riders. For emergency and security purpose, Friends and Family Follow feature enable the riders to add contacts from their phone as ride request is generated, and SMS notification is sent to the contact when the rider board or arrive destination.

Regardless of the location in the United States and Canada, KROOZ® RIDE and DELIVERY service has its best ability to provide a high level of satisfaction, says Godwin E. Enogieru, the CEO and Founder of KROOZ, Inc.

The riders can feel significant comfort and safety from boarding as to their arrival and or their desired destination. The CEO of the company commented.

On the other hand, KROOZ® does not SURGE charge customers like the other competitors; they believe Price SURGING is a RIP-OFF and an act of exploiting customers. In addition to offering exciting features to users, KROOZ® also offers 20% annual net profit share option to their drivers, making them the first TNC company that consider sharing its profit with drivers.


About KROOZ, Inc.

KROOZ, Inc. is a topnotch ride-share transportation network company (TNC) with a great dedication to provide comfortable, safe, secure and convenient ride and delivery service through their interactive and innovative mobile applications. They enable customers to utilize their smartphones in making a safe booking of ride request and delivery pick up all over the United States and Canada. The Mobile Apps are available for download on AppStore and Google Play Store.

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Company Name: KROOZ, Inc.

Contact Person: Help Desk


Phone: +1(844) 445-7669

Address: P.O. Box 741564, Dallas, Texas 75374.

Country. United States


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