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BingBees.Com, the official United States Income Tax Business Directory portal based in Dallas, Texas, today announced the publication of their newest “Income Tax Business directory”.

DALLASOct. 25, 2016 — The new BingBees.com tax directory, according to the site’s spokesperson, now makes it easier for tax professionals, enrolled agents, income tax companies, and tax advocates nationwide enlist their tax office location, details.

“Taxpayers are going to love this new tax portal, because it enables them to share, rate, or write reviews about their experience with the tax office and or the tax preparation service,” said the BingBees.Com spokesperson.

The spokesperson further added BingBees.com, which currently has over 5 thousand income tax professionals and companies listed on its directory, now makes it super easy for tax preparers, tax companies, tax advocate, taxpayers, and IRS enrolled agents to access a wealth of information and resources.

“Before now, there was no actual Income Tax Business Directory in the United States where a potential taxpayer could visit, review or learn about a tax preparation service before,” said the spokesperson. “It’s a great idea to have a portal like BingBees.com that enables people to learn more about the tax preparation service before patronizing them.”

Standing as the medium between income tax professionals and taxpayers who willing to share their experience encountered with the tax preparation service, BingBees.com provides a “win, win” situation for both the taxpayers and establishment.

In an effort to make the new tax portal an all-encompassing resource for tax professionals, the BingBees.com operators are encouraging persons concerned to add their tax business details to the https://BingBees.Com site.

For further information, contact:

Bing Bees
BingBees.Com, P. O. Box 741564, Dallas, Texas 75374
Tel: +1 (972) 271-7505


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