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October 2nd, 2017 – Dallas, Texas. KROOZ, the well-known transportation network company is soon launching its, “Equity Investors Funding Campaign” to reach the wide audience of prospective investors. With a motive to offer the investment opportunity to the crowd, the company wants everyone to be a part of their budding family. 

The concept of ride sharing has its own benefits and a few pitfalls. KROOZ, the peer-peer transportation company managed to leave the pitfalls behind and passed on just the benefits to its passengers.

As per the CEO of KROOZ, “We want everyone to invest early on and become part of the ever revolving ride-share market expected to grow to $285 billion by 13 years according to Goldman’s analysts. KROOZ strives and is all set to take the lead.” 

KROOZ is now expecting investments from various investors and plans to launch nationwide ad campaigns. This in turn will improve the employment opportunities and would result in hiring of more customer service representatives, IT professionals and drivers of course. KROOZ also is confident about securing permits for more TNC cities and locations in order to expand the services provided.

The CEO of KROOZ said, “We intend to list on a national stock exchange such as the NYSE subsequent to this offering. Now is the perfect time to get in on the ground floor with us, here is your chance to invest and be a part of our company at pre-IPO valuations, capturing more growth for your investment while giving us an opportunity to find a meaningful new source of capital. Invest in your future.”

The company’s CEO is well-confident about the investment campaign and said that KROOZ is soon going to revolutionize the concept of ride sharing. According to him, the company has never indulged in Surge price and operates keeping in mind the safety of their customers and also the profitability of their drivers. This is what makes them unlike their competitors. The company not only makes the passengers ride smooth and affordable but they also make it a rewarding journey for all their drivers. As per the news listed on the company’s official website, the drivers working with KROOZ earn more than their peers who work with other transportation companies. They are also paid bonuses and are known as the “independent partner drivers”.

With such a remarkable journey from the day of launch, KROOZ is no longer the “new kid on the block”. With new plans of expansion, the company is soon to fulfill its dream of being listed at NYSE.


KROOZ has bought in the much needed uniqueness in the ride sharing network by creating smarter solutions for its passengers as well as drivers. The company works with a motto to provide reliable and affordable services to its customers without ignoring the pay needs of their drivers at the same time. The company presently operates across all the states and cities in the US which includes Hawaii and also accepts ride requests to Canada.

To know more about the company, visit the company’s website at https://mykrooz.com

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