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DALLAS, TEXAS – October 12th, 2020. A new alternative to cable television service, TV Plantation has been launched. According to its operators, it allows consumers to drastically cut their Cable TV bills streaming of 4,000-plus local, national, and international live television channels from over 100 countries, among them, United States, North and South America, UK, Europe, Asia, Middle East, Australia, and Africa.

The President of the premium television service provider, TV Plantation, Inc., Godwin, E Enogieru, said the alternative to cable TV service would favorite live television and video-on-demand program streaming services to users across local, national, and international borders.

Firstly, a TV Plantation, users get to pick their favorite television channel line-ups, customize account and personalize their TV experience that best meet their news, sports, entertainment interest, ❞ said Mr. Enogieru.

❝Secondly, a TV Plantation account guarantees users faster streaming and no freezing, ❞ noted Enogieru, who offers an introductory seven-day trial membership, with no contracts or hidden fees. After the trial period expires, the member has the option to continue one of four service plans, billed monthly $15, when paid yearly, is $9.00 per month.

Another of the many benefits of the TV Plantation membership offers its members is the facility to customize one’s channel line-ups. – News, Sport, Faith, Music, Entertainment, Arabic, Spanish, Caribbean, etc.

TV Plantation app, which has a built-in video player that supports all standard codecs including 4k video format, provide members access to:

  • Stream on 5 devices at the same time. Great family value.
  • PARENTAL CONTROL: A user can set up parental control by putting a password for any content.
  • CHROMECAST: Cast video, series, or channel to external TV device.
  • MULTI SCREEN SUPPORT: Multiscreen allows user to watch up to four screens simultaneously.
  • EPG SUPPORT: It consists an Electronic Program Guide – EPG, shows the Program info like Program Name, Next Program info. Apart from that, it shows the full EPG with a timeline for each channel.
  • RECORDINGS FEATURES: It will enable the user to record the live TV and watch it anytime from the recording list. The user must have two connections activated to record Live TV.
  • SPEED TEST: From the setting section in the TV Plantation App users can test the speed and location of their streaming device Internet connection.
  • FAVORITE SECTION: It can add favorite TV channels, videos, or series to their preferred section that can be easily accessed later.
  • MOVIES INFO & RECENTLY WATCHED MOVIES SECTION: The app shows clear details about the Movies Info like Movie name, Movie Description, Rating, Casting, etc.

Further asked if a member has the option to record games or shows, the spokesman gives the assurance that the member can. ❝Yes, every TV Plantation account comes with Catch-up, a Cloud DVR space to enable you to record your show at no extra charge. Besides, you can record and watch later from any device. ❞

Will persons need to use their credit card for the free trial subscription sign up? ❝No, TV Plantation does not ask for a credit card for the free trial, ❞ answered the spokesman. The platform provides not just another television service but also one that caters to the latest on-demand movies.

Regarding a member watching their favorite program from any device, Mr. Enogieru adds that the TV Plantation platform only supports the Android operating system. In further response to the question, “What devices can I watch TV Plantation on?” – He added, ❝As of this moment, you can watch TV Plantation through any ANDROID Apps, Android TV, ANDROID TV Box, Amazon Fire Stick, or any smart ANDROID TV devices, WebTV on computer, Chromecast, Android phone and tablet. TV Plantation can be accessed on and at https://tvplantation.com

Also, the company is given-away free TV Plantation customized Android TV box to users that subscribed to their annual service plan, a value of $75. ❞

Confirming that local news channels like CBS, NBC, and FOX are available to the US-market, Mr. Enogieru said they were. However, he noted that where TV Plantation may not be available, we will constantly update our system when other areas become available.

Finally, when asked if a person signs up for the TV Plantation ‘7 Days Free Trial’ subscription, how soon before one can start streaming, the company’s spokesman explained:

❝When you sign-up for the TV Plantation, you must enter your full details, including an active email address. You will receive immediately a confirmation email, once you clicked on the VERIFICATION link sent to your email address and confirmed your account. Your account login credentials are sent immediately to your email inbox. You may want to check your SPAM inbox just-in-case. ❞

After that, the subscriber will be allowed access TV Plantation platform, using their login credentials to start streaming right away from their favorite program via WebTV, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick, or any Android devices. Watch on all your devices. Download the free TV Plantation apps for all your devices. Watch what you want when you want.

❝As we thrive through this pandemic period, don’t throw your money in the trash with cable tv companies; cut the cable TV service, and stream TV Plantation, ❞ cautioned Godwin E. Enogieru.


TV Plantation, Inc; is a Texas corporation based in Dallas. TV Plantation powerfully delivers favorite Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) and video-on-demand streaming services to users across the borders, an alternative to cable tv service. With TV Plantation membership, users get to pick their favorite television channel line-ups, customized account and personalize their TV experience that best meet their viewing interest. TV Plantation is an IPTV provider formed to transact business across the border, which includes IPTV and VOD streaming services; Television and series production; Movie production and distribution, and all related Internet Protocol Television business.

Media Contact Name: TV Plantation, Inc.

Position: Help Desk

Business Name: TV Plantation, Inc.

Business Mailing Address: P. O. Box 741564, Dallas, Texas 75374 6

Media Contact Phone: 1(888) 811-1396

Business Website Address: https://tvplantation.com

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